Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July and Happy Three months to Korbin!!

So for the 4th Jeremy had to work so me and my friend brittany helped out in the office so we would have something to do while our husbands worked! We got board being inside so we took the office chairs outside and helped write stuff down for them there. Our babys who are just two days apart were really good for us they slept most of the time.. Korbin was asleep the WHOLE time which isnt going to be fun tonight!!! It did help out at the time though... Before that Me, Jeremy, Mitch and Britt and our babys Lexey and Korbin had a BBQ before we went to work and just chilled.. all of us were pretty tired from the night before!
Today was a GREAT day though... We love Mitch and Britt so much. Even if we just sit and dont do much we still have so much fun! Anyways that was our day!

Mitch making Korbin smile!!!

Look how cute his new outfit is!!! I tried to get a 4th of July outfit but I couldnt find one anywhere.. so we just got this REALLY cute one for only 8 dollars and Ross!!!!


Marshall, Nany, Eli and Lydia said...

Hey guys, it's Marshito! Love your blog. Check out ours!