Thursday, October 16, 2008

1 years anniversary

We made it!!!! Jeremy and I had a crazy first year of marriage... with me being 2 months pregnant when we got married we were dealing with the first year getting to know each other better and me being crazy pregnant on top of it!!! ha ha he was a good sport about all of it... Jeremy is the most loving kind person... sometimes we can really frustrate each other but what married couple doesn't!!!

For our little get away anniversary surprise that he did for me is we went to Park City... He wanted to go to Vegas cause that's where we went on our honeymoon but he knew I would miss Korbin too much and just be so stressed the whole time. So Susan took Korbin for the day and night for us and we went the night before the 15Th and he got a little hotel/condo like what we stayed in for our honey moon. We went and ate at a mexican restaurant... I don't know why but then we went back to our hotel and put the fire on and watched football.... ha ha i know such a guy thing but I'm the one that wanted to do that!!! that's what i get for growing up what 6 boys and all of there friends!!!! Anyways so i was excited to finally get a full nights rest.... Of course i didnt because we had mexican food.... and ever sense i had been pregnant it makes me really sick. so i was tossing and turning all night!!! oh well it was still fun.

Well so the next day on our actually anniversary Jeremy had the whole day planed. We were going to get breakfast, go on the alpine coaster, and the zip line and all that fun stuff. It ended up being closed and we were both so tired anyways that we went to a park, and we sad under a tree in our car!!! ha ha he took a nap and i read my twilight book!!! lol wow go us i know but it turned out to be really fun even though it wasn't that eventful...

Jeremy always surprises me with fun things like this on either birthdays, or anniversaries or what ever.. I love being surprised so it is always fun for me to see what amazing things he comes up with!

So I love Jeremy very much and he is just my favorite person ever. We were most defiantly meant to be!!! WOW this is long and I'll be surprised if you read it but yeah that was our wonderful adventure for our anniversary!!!

LOL i know but for some reason this was the only pic we took while we were there!!! durrr i know!
These are just some old pic of us... just being us!!! We always have SO much fun together!!!
LOL see just us being us!!!


Tara said...

well I read it all and I think you two are so cute! Happy Anniversary!

Katie and Derek Miller said...

well congrats a month and a half congrats for being married a year and a month and a half! i read it all too! you guys look like you do so much fun stuff i cant wait to move up there. don't you love that when you don't have your kid you actually just end up wanting to relax yeah you're such a mom! i miss you come visit us and deborah and gavin and beej and we'll come play! bring tara so i can do her hair! you you thither!