Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silly Korbin!!!

ha ha so Jeremy thought it would be funny to wrap a blanket around korbins head so he did and these are the cute pic we got out of it... it shows korbins personality really well... He's such a fun and cute baby!!! we're so lucky!

Uh.... what are you doing to me?

And you're done!!!

YAY i love my daddy!!!

I love attention!

stop it!!!

I love everyone!!!! ps. that is not a tooth on the bottom it is just from the flash!!!

This is when me and britt went to the mall just for fun and i forgot my stroller. So this is her single stroller that we just layed all they way down and put both babys in there!!! such cute kids!!! Korbin and Lexey are best friends!!!


Tara said...

Korbin is too cute! I love all the faces he makes now! He really is the best baby ever, I will watch him anytime! Plus Aiden loves him more than his own brother!