Thursday, December 18, 2008

First time with Santa!!!

This was kinda fun! We all went to the mall and Korbin met Santa for the first time!!! all he wanted to do was pull his beard but it was the cutest thing EVER!!!!

Gracie and Aiden just wanted to look at Santa. and Grady just wanted to look at him Momma!!! ha ha such a cute little mommas boy!!!
WOW go gav!!!
lol!!! he's such a doll!!!

We wanted him to go out side and look at the snow but jer didn't want to get a blanket so we just bundled him up in his coat!!! lol!

A Great Grandfathers Blessing!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a VERY special day for us!!! We blessed Korbin at our house and my Grandpa Hansen did it for us which is awesome because he actually baptised me!!! So it ended up being a great day!!! A Wonderful blessing, my grandpa is very in tune with the spirit! Thanks you Grandpa so much I cant even start to explain how much it meant to both Jeremy and I. We Love you so much!

Tara and Grady!

Ari, Wes , and Alyssa

Jeremy and Adrian
Nate and Elizabeth
Great grandpa Tata and Great grandma Ila.
Angela (coles girl friend) holding Lexey!
Eric and Gav. (Thanks for the real smiles guys!!!!)

Wow tre!!! Look at cute little grady peekin his head through.
Alyssa, Ari, and Jody
Cara, Beej, Gracie, and Aiden.

Temple Square!!!

So Me, Jeremy, Korbin, Carla, and Tre all went up to Temple square and we had a great time! We got all bundled up and bundled up Korbin, walked around looking at the lights and then we decided to see the Joseph Smith movie!!! It was really good but really sad. Anyways in the middle of that Cole and his girl friend Angela met up with us and we got Hot Cocoa after then just went home but it ended up being a great night!!!
P.S. Tara Eric was working and i didnt think you would want to go with just you and the boys and us so please dont be mad anymore!!! WE LOVE YOU TONS!


This is my little Korbin and Mitch and Britts little Lexey! They are such good little friends!!! I'm sure most of you know this but they are only two days apart. Lexey is older! Anyways these are some fun pic.
Oh and by the way!!! Korbin has Carrots on his face that you could only see when the flash of the camera went off!!! "Could i be anymore white trash" ha ha!

Lexey why are you lookin at Korbins bum!!!

sims family

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Prom!!!!

So..... We had so much fun!!! Me, Tara, Carla, and Carley have been so excited for this day to come... This is us getting ready to head up to Jordan Commons I picked everyone up and this is when we were picking up Carla and Tre took some pic for us!!!
Jeremy got me a white rose (my fav.) for the prom....

Ha ha is Carla grabbing Carley's boob!!! ha ha
Tara, and Carla got these from there hubby's.... i thought it was kinda dorky so thats why i got a rose!!! ha ha it is cute of them to do that though!!! i'm just wiered i guess!!!
Tre bein so dorky while we were takin pictures!!! go him!
This is our whole group on the red carpet!!!
This is some weired guy tryin to look like Edward!!! Most defiantly NOT the Edward that is in my head!!! ha ha

All of us taking a pic with the vampire dude!!! why am i up on taras back!!! ha ha wow!

Me bein so cool ok Jacobs bike!!! ha ha ( I think that is what they were going for!!!)

And once again being so gay!!!

So This night was really fun!!! I thought there was going to be more stuff included for being VIP but its ok i had alot of fun with the girls.... and the movie was awesome... I was really nervous i wasnt going to like Edward but his personality made him So cute!!! and i just have to say that most everyone was kinda a good match to what i pictured them in my head but some of them i was like WHAT??? ha ha anyways also the bummer thing is that if you havent read the books you prob wont understand the movie that much but it is still worth seeing and then maybe you will end up reading the books!!! (susan) ha ha
So yeah the whole night ended up being alot of fun.... For those of you who will understand this i was in alot of pain because i didnt have Korbin to relieve me!!! ha ha i missed about 3 feedings and it looked like i had some sort of surgery done by the end of the night!!! ha ha that might be inappropriate but thats just me i guess!!
Thank you Tara for getting all of us those tickets you are the best!!!