Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aniston and catch up post!

Aniston Lauren Sims is here!!! She was born November 12, 2010. 6 pounds 8 ounces, 18 inches long! SO CUTE!!! The labor was fast. I did start having small contractions at 6 am of the 11th and they lasted all day but they weren't strong enough to go to the hospital. I was watching Aiden and Grady while Tara when to the temple. When she got back i felt like the contractions were getting a little stronger and closer together. So Tara the planner and amazing person she is told me to start writing the time down and how far apart they were. They were about 2 min apart so she said I am taking you to the hospital and if you aren't in labor no big deal but we headed off i hurried and packed a bag. because the ME being as UNprepared and UNorganized as i am i didn't have it ready yet. Then we went. I called the doc on the way and he said you can go it but i think its false labor! So i went and they checked me. i was at a 4 and 80 %. They checked me again in an hour to see if i was moving along and i was. Soooo I called jer and told him to get work off that we were having her tonight and called my mom and told her to head up north. Jer got there when i was getting the epidural and then 10 min. after the doc broke my water i was at a 10. I started to push and my mom walked in right when i was pushing! I was so glad she made it! anyways 2 or 3 pushes and she was here! She was born at 1:13 am on the 12th of November!
I got to hold her for 30 seconds maybe and they had to hurry and take her because she wasn't breathing too well. They found out she had liquid in her lungs and they needed to keep her. She was in the NICU for 5 or 6 days... NOT FUN! The first night was SO hard I didn't even have a name for her yet. And then the doc came in and told me they were treating her for pneumonia so yeah i pretty much broke down when he left and was having a hard time. She ended up not having pneumonia though so they took her off of the meds for it and just kept an eye on her cause she was still on the respirator and all that! not quite breathing on her own. She is a strong girl though and ended up breathing on her own after a couple of days. then she started eating pretty well off of me so ya!
We are all home now and happy and Korbin loves her SO much. He always brags about "his" baby! :)
Sorry this was so long but here are some pics from the 12th till now! ENJOY!

The first time holding her! The only time for the first couple of days she was here!... :(

Right after she was born.

Still had the IV connected to her belly button.

Right after the breathing tube was taken out.

First time together!

First time feeding her!

Aunt Tara! She was there with me in the room while Aniston was born! It was fun to have her there!

Aunt Katie!!!

On the way home! FINALLY!

Best friends

Back from her 2 week visit! Katie made that blanket for her!!! SO CUTE!!!

My 3 favorite people! Thanksgiving

He wanted to hold her before he went to sleep!

They both were asleep in my arms!!! BEST FEELING EVER!!!

Sucking her thumb!
Cute cousins. Aiden LOVES her!


Cute hat Chels made for her!
Korbin always wants to hold her hand!

Sorry these are out of order!

Bath time!!!

Yes there are dishes on the other side of the sink!!! can you say ghetto!! haha

Her hair gets so fluffy after her baths!

HAHAHAHAHA his hair is awesome... and his tiny bum in the mirror just makes this pic even better!

What up yo!!! about a month old here!

Happy girl!

Sad girl!

He wanted to hold her while he was laying in her glider!!! haha awesome kid!

Love her face in this one!!!

Playing in the show at 9:00 pm 12-29-2010

Can you see Korbins show man in front of him!!! :)


Our Cute little family! Man i have a great life!!!

Cold boy after playing! he LOVED it!