Saturday, May 31, 2008

So So Amazing!!!

This was the cutest little thing... right when we held this pic up to Korbin he didnt take his eyes off of it!!! Just lets us know he really was just with our Heavenly Father and Jesus!!!

I cut my hair.... 14 inches!! WOW I KNOW!

The pic with the baby are our friends baby.... it is the only one i have with my hair done though for now!!!

Tara is making me do this six ramdom things about me!!!

I love doing randome things!!!!!

1- When i was little i threw a little apple at my brother gavin from across the yard and hit him in the nose and gave him a bloody nose!!!

2- I have the most ugly toes in the whole world!!! Luckely Korbin didnt get them!!!

3- I HATE arm pits... with a passion they are so so gross!!!

4- When i was pregnant i craved arbys... of all things arbys i know!!!

5- I love spending my time that i have that i am not feeding, changing, or cuddling with korbin Scrap booking, watching friends, hanging out with Tara, Aiden and Grady, and most of all being with my husband!!! and also i love to dance around the house with Korbin!!! He loves it!!!

6- My mom has always been my best friend... and she always will be! We will be the tooters forever!!! ha ha mostly her though!!! sorry mom! love you:)

i'll just do some more cause they are fun!

7- I have always been the one to kill spiders when i had roomates!

8- Before my brother Trevor left on his mission we was play fighting with me and i fell on the floor and shattered a plate!!! didnt hurt but he still feels bad!

9- I have always wanted to be a model... i know a little embarasing but true!

10- I love chocolate and sometimes if i want it so bad and dont have any at home i get really grouchy!!!

11- A couple of my favorite things to do are riding horses which i am very good at!! ha ha and playing tennis when my fibromialgia and arthritis arent acting up!!! also tanning by a pool is so relaxing!

12- I love making people happy!!! i am a people pleaser! which sadly enough is why people used to walk all over me!!!

13- I didnt get my first kiss till i was 16 1/2. Trevor gave me $50.00 because of it too!!!

14- I have a lurning disibility ( lol mom and tara will get it!!!!) all jokes aside i really dont know how to spell is another randome thing about me but i am sure you have already picked up on that reading through this!!! I know that you spell learning disability like that though!!! ha ha

15- 15 is my favorite number! it was my basketball number and i got married sept.
15th and this is the number i am stopping on!!! ha ha

Thursday, May 22, 2008

some random fun pics!!! There are alot! so enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Aiden loves Korbin so much! He is going to be a very protective cousin!!!

Cute cousins. Korbin, Devin, Grady, Aiden, and Gracie!

Jory and Korbin:)
He is holding his head up so well!!!
Lexy and Korbin feet!
Korbin and Lexey! two day apart. Korbin is younger.
Jeremy and Korbin takin a nap togeather!

Gracie and Korbin! cousins
Me and Korbin takin nap!

Our little family!

Our fam in the back waiting to meet baby Korbin!

Korbin was born April 4th, 2008 and was 6 pounds 9 oz. 18 1/2 in. long. He was just tiny!!! Jeremy just love him so much! Everyone loves Korbin. He is just getting cutter and cutter everyday!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Wedding!

This was the most amazing day in the world. Even though it wasn't a temple marriage like we really wanted and everyone else wanted as well it was the next best thing! Everyone there was very supportive because they all know we will be married for time and all eternity soon enough! Jeremy is the most perfect peron in the world for me. We are so happy!