Saturday, September 13, 2008

GRADY'S BDAY!!! 1 year old!

Me and Korbin. We dunked him under the water and he didnt even cry!!!
Cute little Grady!
Korbin got a little cold!!!
Eric, Aiden, and Tara chillin in the pool!
The cute brothers!!!! I cant believe hoe big they are getting! It is so fun to watch them grow up!!! I love these boys so much!!! I also think Grady and Korbin look alot alike! Its so fun. and all three boys have the same Catmull Nose!!! poor things;)

Korbin in 5 months now!!!

He was looking at his uncle chad here!!!
We just love this little boy!!!
Already drivin a car!!!
"Look at me dad!!! I'm driving" :)