Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tara is making me do this six ramdom things about me!!!

I love doing randome things!!!!!

1- When i was little i threw a little apple at my brother gavin from across the yard and hit him in the nose and gave him a bloody nose!!!

2- I have the most ugly toes in the whole world!!! Luckely Korbin didnt get them!!!

3- I HATE arm pits... with a passion they are so so gross!!!

4- When i was pregnant i craved arbys... of all things arbys i know!!!

5- I love spending my time that i have that i am not feeding, changing, or cuddling with korbin Scrap booking, watching friends, hanging out with Tara, Aiden and Grady, and most of all being with my husband!!! and also i love to dance around the house with Korbin!!! He loves it!!!

6- My mom has always been my best friend... and she always will be! We will be the tooters forever!!! ha ha mostly her though!!! sorry mom! love you:)

i'll just do some more cause they are fun!

7- I have always been the one to kill spiders when i had roomates!

8- Before my brother Trevor left on his mission we was play fighting with me and i fell on the floor and shattered a plate!!! didnt hurt but he still feels bad!

9- I have always wanted to be a model... i know a little embarasing but true!

10- I love chocolate and sometimes if i want it so bad and dont have any at home i get really grouchy!!!

11- A couple of my favorite things to do are riding horses which i am very good at!! ha ha and playing tennis when my fibromialgia and arthritis arent acting up!!! also tanning by a pool is so relaxing!

12- I love making people happy!!! i am a people pleaser! which sadly enough is why people used to walk all over me!!!

13- I didnt get my first kiss till i was 16 1/2. Trevor gave me $50.00 because of it too!!!

14- I have a lurning disibility ( lol mom and tara will get it!!!!) all jokes aside i really dont know how to spell is another randome thing about me but i am sure you have already picked up on that reading through this!!! I know that you spell learning disability like that though!!! ha ha

15- 15 is my favorite number! it was my basketball number and i got married sept.
15th and this is the number i am stopping on!!! ha ha


Tara said...

that was so cute! You are pretty random and I'm happy to say that I already knew a lot of those! That must mean we are friends! FRIENDS! yeah! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

i am and BRASIL i love is blog...
( eu amei seu blog sabe acabei de montar o meu se puder me dar umas dicas eu iria agradecer) bye...