Monday, June 2, 2008

Gavin is home!!!! YIPEE!!! finally!

For those of you who dont know.. gavin is my brother and he just got home from his second tour in iraq... yeah i know suck! it is so good to have him back in the states though! he finally gets to start his family! him and his wife beej have been married 3 years now and the have a little girl who is almost three! they have pretty much only been together for about 6 months or so out of these three years... so now they get to really be married! ha ha anyways i love gavin so much and i am just glad he is safe and sound! He is my hero for doing this for us as well. he doesnt believe he is a hero but we are free because of him and soldiers like him! I LOVE YOU GAVIN!!!


Brittany said...

ah... i like these! So cool!