Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Please leave your memories... it is fun! could be with me or jeremy or both!

Here are the rules:1. Leave a comment on my blog of a memory that you and I have had together (it doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, just anything that you remember)

2. Re-post these instructions on your blog. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Catmull Family Reunion!!!! TETONS!!!

This trip was so so fun... and a little anoying at the same time but oh well! I'm so glad i was able to hang out with Tara, Ej, Aiden and Grady on a our trip! Me and T are such dorks. I had alot of fun with Tara and her Face!!!! ha ha I will explain our pic though out this!!! mmkay!

We thought we were so funny taking pic of eachother!!! durr
Aiden and my Dad gettin packed up!
By Tetons!
On our little boad trip accross Jenny lake... it was SO SO georgeous.... The water was so clear it was so beautiful!
All of us at our lodge on the look out of the Tetons! We saw a moose! Ej thought it was funny to tell me to go find a moose nugget and keep if for a funny joke. those of you who know me well enough will laugh you other people!!! Its cause i was born in alaska and my mom thought it was funny to call me Moose nugget!!!!

My big brother with my little baby boy!
My aunt Joyce, Dad, and Aunt Rexeene holding the pic of the painting my grandma a long time ago of the beautiful waterfall. and my Cousin Sephanie, Brother Eric, Me, and My cousin Christy.
(Look how much me and Ej look alike it is crazy)
Korbin got sunburnt after the hike!
Long road trip.
Our cute little cabbin.

Beautiful waterfall... its called hidden falls! the one my granda painted.

All of my fam having lunch after the half mile hike!
Go you TT

Look at my little stud baby!
Big grady... so cute
Aiden didnt want his pic taken!!!
Lugging the babys everywhere!!!
On the hike up to hidden falls!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cute Cute pic of me and Jer

Our First Date!!!

First time Jeremy went to Ephraim!!!

I took Jeremy to the jazz playoffs last year!!! Thats what made him relize i'm pretty much amazing!!! ha ha

about 35 weeks preg...

Prob about 25 or so weeks
I dont know but it was early in the pregancy!!!

Jeremy suprized me when i came home from a trip i went on with my mom for the weekend. I walked in the door and there were candles and rose petals EVERYWHERE!!! you'll see in the next pic but i walked in and was saying his name and he didnt respond... i walked down the lit up hallway and saw on our bed WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!! he came out of the closet and got down on one knee and said i want to spend the rest of eternity with you.. i love you so much.. and more then he said will you marry me!!! Obviously i said yes and we have been so happy ever sense!!!

Seve Peaks Baby!!!!

So today was a fun day! We dont have many pic because it just me, Jeremy and Korbin so not that easy to have fun and take pic. The reason why we went is because my wonderful Mother in-law gave us a season pass. just one though which is cool because we only have to pay for one! We tried to get people to go but no one was able to so we just ended up going. Next time we will find people cause there wasnt much we could do. we went on the lazy river with Korbin and it was so cute... he doesnt like gettin water splashed on him though and we all know how crazy little kids get at water parks so we only went around a few times than got out and sat in the shallow end of the wave pool... but than korbin got tired so we just went and layed out for a bit while he was asleep! it was fun though we just need more people to go so that we can go on rides and take turnes watching Korbin!!!

Korbin was really tired and Cold... poor baby!
Ha ha look at jeremys sexy farmers tan... at least you know he is a hard worker!!!!

Our Night out!!!!

We got to go on a little date just me and Jeremy! It was really nice! not that we didnt miss Korbin or anything but being able to eat without holding him and trying not to drop food on him is nice everyonce in a while!!! We went to PF Changs while my wonderful sis. inlaw and brother watched him for a couple of hours. than we went to a move... "Hancock" it was a fun movie kinda over the top but it was fun. Korbin acctually went with us to that but he was really good and i fed him in the theater and he fell right asleep after! So over all it was a really fun good night!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July and Happy Three months to Korbin!!

So for the 4th Jeremy had to work so me and my friend brittany helped out in the office so we would have something to do while our husbands worked! We got board being inside so we took the office chairs outside and helped write stuff down for them there. Our babys who are just two days apart were really good for us they slept most of the time.. Korbin was asleep the WHOLE time which isnt going to be fun tonight!!! It did help out at the time though... Before that Me, Jeremy, Mitch and Britt and our babys Lexey and Korbin had a BBQ before we went to work and just chilled.. all of us were pretty tired from the night before!
Today was a GREAT day though... We love Mitch and Britt so much. Even if we just sit and dont do much we still have so much fun! Anyways that was our day!

Mitch making Korbin smile!!!

Look how cute his new outfit is!!! I tried to get a 4th of July outfit but I couldnt find one anywhere.. so we just got this REALLY cute one for only 8 dollars and Ross!!!!

Playing with Aiden and grady!!!!

Aiden and Korbin were watching tv together!!!

Aiden and Grady love there uncle Jeremy!!!! They are so so cute!!!