Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catmull Family Reunion!!!! TETONS!!!

This trip was so so fun... and a little anoying at the same time but oh well! I'm so glad i was able to hang out with Tara, Ej, Aiden and Grady on a our trip! Me and T are such dorks. I had alot of fun with Tara and her Face!!!! ha ha I will explain our pic though out this!!! mmkay!

We thought we were so funny taking pic of eachother!!! durr
Aiden and my Dad gettin packed up!
By Tetons!
On our little boad trip accross Jenny lake... it was SO SO georgeous.... The water was so clear it was so beautiful!
All of us at our lodge on the look out of the Tetons! We saw a moose! Ej thought it was funny to tell me to go find a moose nugget and keep if for a funny joke. those of you who know me well enough will laugh you other people!!! Its cause i was born in alaska and my mom thought it was funny to call me Moose nugget!!!!

My big brother with my little baby boy!
My aunt Joyce, Dad, and Aunt Rexeene holding the pic of the painting my grandma a long time ago of the beautiful waterfall. and my Cousin Sephanie, Brother Eric, Me, and My cousin Christy.
(Look how much me and Ej look alike it is crazy)
Korbin got sunburnt after the hike!
Long road trip.
Our cute little cabbin.

Beautiful waterfall... its called hidden falls! the one my granda painted.

All of my fam having lunch after the half mile hike!
Go you TT

Look at my little stud baby!
Big grady... so cute
Aiden didnt want his pic taken!!!
Lugging the babys everywhere!!!
On the hike up to hidden falls!


Katie and Derek Miller said...

I love korbins killer hat...hmmm i wonder which of your favorite thithers gave it to him! ha i love it he's so freaking cute i wanna eat him up for dinner...ok maybe not but me and derek are working on making him a best bud to hang out with soon! that way they can be best friends and he can want the older sister (rylee!) i think its a most fabulous plan!

Tara said...

So cute! I'm glad you came with us it made it a lot of fun! We love you and baby Korbin soooo much! And all I have to say is your mom's face!

Brittany said...

Cute.. all these pictures are so cute of you, korbin and all your fam. Looks like you guys had fun!

p.s I miss you guys! MMMKAY?.....