Monday, July 7, 2008

Seve Peaks Baby!!!!

So today was a fun day! We dont have many pic because it just me, Jeremy and Korbin so not that easy to have fun and take pic. The reason why we went is because my wonderful Mother in-law gave us a season pass. just one though which is cool because we only have to pay for one! We tried to get people to go but no one was able to so we just ended up going. Next time we will find people cause there wasnt much we could do. we went on the lazy river with Korbin and it was so cute... he doesnt like gettin water splashed on him though and we all know how crazy little kids get at water parks so we only went around a few times than got out and sat in the shallow end of the wave pool... but than korbin got tired so we just went and layed out for a bit while he was asleep! it was fun though we just need more people to go so that we can go on rides and take turnes watching Korbin!!!

Korbin was really tired and Cold... poor baby!
Ha ha look at jeremys sexy farmers tan... at least you know he is a hard worker!!!!