Friday, August 15, 2008


We went to Long Beach to an aquarium. we were going to go to Sea World but we didn't leave the beach till 5:00pm and we didn't want to spent $100.o0 for just a few hours! so we went to this fun place! Korbin loved looking at the colorful fish!

We thought we were so funny to make ugly faces!

This sting ray scared the crap out of Jeremy... he was touching it at it moved and he yelled and scared the little kids around him!!! ha ha it was really funny!

Ya so right after we went here we went to eat and i ordered Snow Crab!!! ha ha Jeremy didn't know how i did it but i guess i just love crab that much!!! ha ha
This is a sea horse but it has leaves all over it!!! so crazy looking!!!
This was the coolest thing ever.... they were shark eggs that they slit a whole it and put plastic clear stuff over it so that you could see them growing!!! those little mini sharks were moving and breathing... SO CRAZY COOL!

See he was looking at this fish!
Such a gorgeous little boy!!!

This was before we left! i found a flower and Jeremy thought i looked pretty so he wanted me to take a pic!!!