Saturday, September 13, 2008

GRADY'S BDAY!!! 1 year old!

Me and Korbin. We dunked him under the water and he didnt even cry!!!
Cute little Grady!
Korbin got a little cold!!!
Eric, Aiden, and Tara chillin in the pool!
The cute brothers!!!! I cant believe hoe big they are getting! It is so fun to watch them grow up!!! I love these boys so much!!! I also think Grady and Korbin look alot alike! Its so fun. and all three boys have the same Catmull Nose!!! poor things;)


Brittany said...

yeah grady and korbin do look a lot alike! haha that is awesome!

Lara said...

Man Korbin seriously looks just like you. How fun!

Shea Nicole said...

Korbin seriously gets cuter EVERY DAY!!!! We sure miss you guys, hope all is well. I'm due in a few days, so wish me luck! hehe