Thursday, October 16, 2008

6 MONTHS OLD!!! 1/2 way to 1 year... ha ha

We are so blessed to have Korbin!!! he is such a happy smiley boy!!! He isn't very fussy at all unless he is tired or hungry!!! He is just so so much fun!!!
Oh and p.s. he is finally rolling from his back to his tummy!!! only sometimes though!!!
Grandma Susan was combing his hair!!! What a Handsome boy!

Korbin eating his pears!!!

He loves his grandma!!!


Tara said...

I love this boy! He is so sweet and so cute i just want to eat his little feet!! :)

Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ said...

Your little family is so cute! And Korbin is a DOLL! We will be in SLC for Thanksgiving for Treydon's blessing -- will you be in the area? PLEASE say yes -- I would love to see you guys! Plus -- it is Jennie's homecomeing, too. Big weekend :-)

Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ said...

Oops. I forgot to sign my name and my blog isn't quite up and running yet ... This is Auntie Jennifer :-)

Annie said...

Little Laur Laur!! I'm excited to know about your blog! How are you? What a cute little family you have and Korbin is such a handsome little guy! He is just a couple months younger than Hazel. We are doing so good! So where are you guys at and what are you doing? We are living in Lehi, my husband works in SLC, and I stay at home with Hazel. You look so cute by the way, I haven't seen you for freaking ever!!