Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Great Grandfathers Blessing!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a VERY special day for us!!! We blessed Korbin at our house and my Grandpa Hansen did it for us which is awesome because he actually baptised me!!! So it ended up being a great day!!! A Wonderful blessing, my grandpa is very in tune with the spirit! Thanks you Grandpa so much I cant even start to explain how much it meant to both Jeremy and I. We Love you so much!

Tara and Grady!

Ari, Wes , and Alyssa

Jeremy and Adrian
Nate and Elizabeth
Great grandpa Tata and Great grandma Ila.
Angela (coles girl friend) holding Lexey!
Eric and Gav. (Thanks for the real smiles guys!!!!)

Wow tre!!! Look at cute little grady peekin his head through.
Alyssa, Ari, and Jody
Cara, Beej, Gracie, and Aiden.


Tara said...

thanks for putting up that ugly pic of me! We love you Korbin!!! Thanks for letting us be apart of your wonderful day!

Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ said...

Looks like a fabulous day :-) Wish we could have been a part of it...Your little guy is so adorable!