Thursday, April 9, 2009

Korbins 1st Birthday!!!

I can NOT believe my little boy is already one!!! Time has gone by so fast! Watching him grow and learn is so much fun... We love our little boy so much and done know what we would do with out him! We dont even remember what we did with out him! Then again I have either been pregnant or we have had him sense we have been together but still! Anyways just wanted to say happy Birthday to my tiny little boy! Thank you to all of our friends and fam for everything you have done for our little fam!

I made a tennis court cake for everyone to eat and a tennis ball cake that korbin ate!!! I KNOW IT TURNED OUT MUSTARD YELLOW!!! I wanted to put a little green in the yellow to make it so it was yellowish green but nope it make is look so gross! oh well!!!

Korbin got SO much stuff!

Mitch Britt and meg.

Tara, Beej, Gavin, and Gracie...

Alyssa, Mindi, and Jer.

Then end result!!

Lexeys bday Swimming

So Mitch and Britt invited us to go swimming for lexeys bday! Korbin was not having a good time! he was sick and we didn't realize it till later that night when he threw up all over me and that happened for a couple nights! poor little guy! so that is why in these pictures he is not very happy!!! and same with in the videos! Sorry little Korbin but happy bday Lexey poo!

Ha ha ha we thought this sign was so funny!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexey Poo!!!

Happy Birthday Lexey! We love you so much!!! Here are just a couple of pic showing how Lex and Korbin are growing up together!!! They are such cute babys and they are best friends already!!! Thanks mitch and britt for being our friends so our babys can have automatic best friends without even having to look!!! ha ha

Korbin is one day old and Lex is 3 days old!!!

Sweet sleeping babies!

Lexeys foot and Korbins foot!

Just Playin!

She is SO beautiful!

They were sleeping outside while me and britt were helping mitch and jer work! Fun day!

Cute kids at jers bday party!

See how much fun they have!!!
little eaters!!!

ha ha ha lex is so freakin fun!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Korbins First Hair Cut!!!

Korbin got his first hair cut today and he looks so freakin cute! We just decided well he is going to be 1 in 3 days and it is about time for a hair cut so Jer cut it and did such a great job! Korbin did really good holding still for the most part! He just is so so so stinkin cute! he looks so much older!

After with out product!
After with product!

Oh he is just SO PERFECT!!!
Once again i have no makeup on and i am in my pj's wow poor jer for always having to deal with a wife that doesnt get ready very often! but yeah sorry for the scare people i just thought it was a fun video!

just tilt your head to the left!!!