Friday, May 22, 2009

Such a good walker!

OH MY GOSH!!!! I so dont know why it is so fast!!! LOL

Ha ha so i tried to make it slow motion or just normal i mean and it sure didnt work... i think it recorded that way! WOW i know but at least you can kinda see how good he walks even though it is so fast!


On Sundays we usually always go to the Park and hang out and the boys play basketball! So i put korbin in his basketball little cute outfit and he liked to watch them!!!

We were all watching!

Such a boy!!!

So Korbin is such a little boy it is funny! He is walking now and that brings BOO BOO'S!! and finding gross things!

Such and Innocent Face!!!

But this was just in his mouth!!! GROSS!!! its legs were still moving when he spit it out!
I saw him going for something dark on the floor so i ran over there right when he started putting it in his mouth and when i got to him he spit it out and this is what i saw and the floor! I totally FREAKED OUT!!! bugs don't bug me until they are in my little boys mouth! SICK!!!
He was walking down the hall and lost his balance cause it was nap time and he hit his head on the Door henge!!! SO SAD!

And this one was when he had a hair spray bottle cap in his mouth and he was playing in the cubbord that he loves and he fell out face first and it smashed his lip and gave him a fat lip and a bloody tooth and lip!!! SO sad... he is a strong boy though so he forgot about it pretty fast!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Pictures of Korbin in Bloomington IL

Korbin loves his new car seat! we had to take it out of our car cause jer took the car to work today so that is why it is in the front room! he was just playin in it! he loves it!!!

This is what happens when he crawls out of it head first! sad!His toy closet!

He loves crawling in this little space!!! I remember seeing pictures of my friend katies little girl Rylee doing the same thing so i had to get some good pics!

such a cute little face!

I was feeding him a blueberry granola bar! he loved it!!!

They are playing halo and korbin is just watchin! i walked in the house from just going to see carla for a sec and this is what i saw!!! ha ha

We went to the park! i look like a goober but i thought it was a fun pic!

Maya and Korbin! maya is 7 months old and taller than korbin!!! ha ha sad but her mom is 6'1" and her dad is 6'3" so it kinda makes sense!!!

Maya's brother kayani is trying to help korbin so he can go on the slides with him!!!

They were having so much fun!

I just thought these were fun pic! every baby has to have a Mohawk pic in the bath tun!!! he is finally starting to like to take baths now so it is alot more fun for both of us!!!

Jeremy thinks this is what Korbin is going to look like when he is older! i agree!

He was just playin with his books!!! He loves looking at "bad dog marley" he loves the dog!!! ha ha he is just like his momma! loves yellow labs!!!


Korbin has been taking a couple steps here and there for a couple of weeks now and he is finally getting more confidence and he is taking off!!! he still falls but he is doing really really good!!!

I cant believe how old he is getting! he is still so tiny so it is even cuter that he is walking!!! I will put more up on here but this is all you get for now because it is too hard to film him and get him to walk to me!!! ha ha sorry!

k bye!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good bye utah for 4 months!

So Jeremy decided last minute to go out and sale for apx this summer so we are in Bloomington IL!!! yeah i know right! ha ha but hopefully it will be good!
Mike came to say bye to us and he said we have to have a memories of our old house and our awesome car!!! this is the best car in the world! now only if it had hydraulics it would be even better LOL!!! maybe even an A track player!!! If that what they are called! LOL ok well enjoy! We will see you all in August prob.!

Mike took pic of our Ghetto neighbors!!! lol they were some weired peeps!

Zions Trip with Mike and his Family!

Mike Lamont our friend and jeremys boss asked us to go to Zions National Park with him, his 4 Kids, his brother and sister inlaw and there 4 kids and His sister! We had a ton of fun and we stayed in an awesome cabin it was a 3 bed 3 bath house with a huge kitchen and an awesome back yard that the kids could go explore! SO ya it was TONS of fun and a good get away! So thanks mike for inviting us!!!

These pic are in the wrong order.... so ya just the top ones are at the end of the trip and the ones at the end are from the start of our trip!

Mikes daughter Hollyn!

Mikes Son Gavin!

This was the pool! it was awesome but FREEZING!!! The Hot tub was like bath tub Temp.... so that is why we put korbin in it but it was so windy and cold!!! oh well! we tried!

Not zoomed

Mikes little boy Griffen with Korbin and Jer!

Some of the Crew!

Jer wanted to do a bump!!!

He was so tired that he fell asleep!!!

he just woke up!!! so cute

awesome view!

Mike and griffy

ha ha he was peeking his head to see everyone!

I didnt know what they were doing but they were doing a weiner bump!!! something dump jer made up! but anyways i didnt know they were doing that so it took me forever to take the pic! thats why they were laughing so hard!

Mike and Jer!