Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Pictures of Korbin in Bloomington IL

Korbin loves his new car seat! we had to take it out of our car cause jer took the car to work today so that is why it is in the front room! he was just playin in it! he loves it!!!

This is what happens when he crawls out of it head first! sad!His toy closet!

He loves crawling in this little space!!! I remember seeing pictures of my friend katies little girl Rylee doing the same thing so i had to get some good pics!

such a cute little face!

I was feeding him a blueberry granola bar! he loved it!!!

They are playing halo and korbin is just watchin! i walked in the house from just going to see carla for a sec and this is what i saw!!! ha ha

We went to the park! i look like a goober but i thought it was a fun pic!

Maya and Korbin! maya is 7 months old and taller than korbin!!! ha ha sad but her mom is 6'1" and her dad is 6'3" so it kinda makes sense!!!

Maya's brother kayani is trying to help korbin so he can go on the slides with him!!!

They were having so much fun!

I just thought these were fun pic! every baby has to have a Mohawk pic in the bath tun!!! he is finally starting to like to take baths now so it is alot more fun for both of us!!!

Jeremy thinks this is what Korbin is going to look like when he is older! i agree!

He was just playin with his books!!! He loves looking at "bad dog marley" he loves the dog!!! ha ha he is just like his momma! loves yellow labs!!!


Justin and Tauna said...

Korbin is so cute, too bad Nolan didn't go out and sell with you guys cause i am going to go see them in D.C. sometime this summer, well hope you guys are doing well, and for sure we will have to get together when you get back to utah.

Brittany said...

WOW.. Your place looks decent. i like it! Korbin looks older! Miss you guys!

Katie & Derek Miller said...

awe i love kornys! so does ry i can't wait to live close to you guys! i hope you're having a lovely time so so far away!

Brittany said...

Hey about the pooping in the tub.. haha. that was her 3rd time pooping in the tub! Gross huh! It sucks!