Friday, May 1, 2009

Zions Trip with Mike and his Family!

Mike Lamont our friend and jeremys boss asked us to go to Zions National Park with him, his 4 Kids, his brother and sister inlaw and there 4 kids and His sister! We had a ton of fun and we stayed in an awesome cabin it was a 3 bed 3 bath house with a huge kitchen and an awesome back yard that the kids could go explore! SO ya it was TONS of fun and a good get away! So thanks mike for inviting us!!!

These pic are in the wrong order.... so ya just the top ones are at the end of the trip and the ones at the end are from the start of our trip!

Mikes daughter Hollyn!

Mikes Son Gavin!

This was the pool! it was awesome but FREEZING!!! The Hot tub was like bath tub Temp.... so that is why we put korbin in it but it was so windy and cold!!! oh well! we tried!

Not zoomed

Mikes little boy Griffen with Korbin and Jer!

Some of the Crew!

Jer wanted to do a bump!!!

He was so tired that he fell asleep!!!

he just woke up!!! so cute

awesome view!

Mike and griffy

ha ha he was peeking his head to see everyone!

I didnt know what they were doing but they were doing a weiner bump!!! something dump jer made up! but anyways i didnt know they were doing that so it took me forever to take the pic! thats why they were laughing so hard!

Mike and Jer!


Justin and Tauna said...

hey i found your blog from Tawnie's but anyways justin and me have a blog now too it is so check us out. YOur fam is so cute and your little boy is very good lookin. Looks like life is goin good for you

Brittany said...