Monday, July 13, 2009

Its been a while so here is a lot of pic to catch up!

SO..... sorry for being so lazy and not putting any posts up... So here is a LOT of information of what has been happening in our lives! We moved to IL as you saw but jeremy hated it so we moved back a month later! We lived at my moms for a couple of weeks till we could figure out what we were going to do.... so now we are living in orem in a tiny one bed room apt but it totally works cause rent is so cheep! We are hoping to buy a duplex in sep or oct! and thats about it!!!!
Korbin is getting big and growing up so good! he is so cute and running everywhere and getting into everything! He is alot harder to keep up with but it is a BLAST!!!
So here are some pic showing how big he is!

It goes from recent to oldest! GO ME I KNOW!!!

my tennis player
We went to my uncle burks and played tennis in his back yard! it was awesome!

Grandma and korbin looking at the horse in her back yard...

Taking our afternoon nap!!!