Monday, August 10, 2009

Cute Korbin Sleeper!

HA HA Korbin and I were taking a nap and he couldn't get comfortable so he kept moving around and this is where he got comfy!!! lol so funny hu!

Korbins New Words
-First word was ELMO!!! lol just like his cousins Aiden and Grady
- momma
- Hi
- Hi Dad
- BUM!!! lol i am his mother! this should not be a suprise!
-night night (Ni Ni)
- uh oh
- Tree (tee) i think thas what he means he points to a tree and says it... !
He talks alot more now and he says little random things that i dont understand but it is still so cute!


Katie and Derek Miller said...

i miss you and i miss korbin. i hope you're doing ok. my phone is broken right now i'm hoping if i leave it plugged in all night that i'll miraculously be able to turn it on in the morning. but if not we'll prob be coming up to provo tomorrow can we come say hi?

Lara said...

Such a cute boy. Jax has those same pajamas and sometimes we have to hide them from him cause when he wears them he can't go to sleep.. just has these long conversations with Elmo. Watch out for that.

Keeping up with the Joneses said...

Hey long time no post.What the freak! just kidding! I am no longer on facebook and really wanted to keep in touch! If you want to send me an e-mail so I can get your number or something. By the way...has America's Next Top Model called yet?