Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

SO for some reason i have not been being good about taking pictures and i only took these on my birthday! But i will just tell you what we did!
First Jeremys mom susan took me to my fav restaurant for lunch... Happy Sumo!!! mmmmmm... so that was awesome she gave me my gifts which were a wallet for my new purse my mom gave me which is a miche purse with two sleeve things! then susan gave me some nice shampoo and conditioner and a way cute necklace that i am wearing in these pic if you can see. she also put money in my wallet that she gave me so i went on a shopping spree with britt and she helped me find awesome deals at ross i got two jeans, Capri's, and two shirts for 70 dollars... and the jeans were actually long enough! We were going to go swimming but it was over cast and cold kinda so i just went shopping as i said before!
It was like 5 when we got back to britts house so we had to hurry and drop Korbin off at susans (thats where these pic are taken) She watched him over night for us which was awesome!
I had no idea why we had to hurry but jer set up a little surprise dinner with friends at chilis for me! Gavin, Beej with Daxon, Brittany, Mitch, Katie, Derek and the girls, and Cory and Amy with little Taylor! So that was awesome.
Then we went and saw funny people which was funny but way to many swear words...
Then we went and hung out at mitch and britts for a while then went home and went to bed!
I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks Jer you are the BEST!!!