Monday, August 10, 2009

Cute Korbin Sleeper!

HA HA Korbin and I were taking a nap and he couldn't get comfortable so he kept moving around and this is where he got comfy!!! lol so funny hu!

Korbins New Words
-First word was ELMO!!! lol just like his cousins Aiden and Grady
- momma
- Hi
- Hi Dad
- BUM!!! lol i am his mother! this should not be a suprise!
-night night (Ni Ni)
- uh oh
- Tree (tee) i think thas what he means he points to a tree and says it... !
He talks alot more now and he says little random things that i dont understand but it is still so cute!

Bad news....

I had a miscarriage on Aug 5th... I am doing ok with it now... I have my moments but it was for a reason... Everything always is... Thanks to all of the people who have been supportive and helped me out...

Jeremys Present to me!!!


We are going to Cabo and the ship is porting there for 2 days! Jeremy knows spanish so we are going to go site seeing the first day and the second day we will prob just chill on the beach!

I am so stoked!!! I have never done anything like this!!! :) yay

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

SO for some reason i have not been being good about taking pictures and i only took these on my birthday! But i will just tell you what we did!
First Jeremys mom susan took me to my fav restaurant for lunch... Happy Sumo!!! mmmmmm... so that was awesome she gave me my gifts which were a wallet for my new purse my mom gave me which is a miche purse with two sleeve things! then susan gave me some nice shampoo and conditioner and a way cute necklace that i am wearing in these pic if you can see. she also put money in my wallet that she gave me so i went on a shopping spree with britt and she helped me find awesome deals at ross i got two jeans, Capri's, and two shirts for 70 dollars... and the jeans were actually long enough! We were going to go swimming but it was over cast and cold kinda so i just went shopping as i said before!
It was like 5 when we got back to britts house so we had to hurry and drop Korbin off at susans (thats where these pic are taken) She watched him over night for us which was awesome!
I had no idea why we had to hurry but jer set up a little surprise dinner with friends at chilis for me! Gavin, Beej with Daxon, Brittany, Mitch, Katie, Derek and the girls, and Cory and Amy with little Taylor! So that was awesome.
Then we went and saw funny people which was funny but way to many swear words...
Then we went and hung out at mitch and britts for a while then went home and went to bed!
I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks Jer you are the BEST!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009



I am only like a month along but i am really excited! I am more sick this time then i remember being last time! SO maybe it will be a girl!!!! :) we will see!


The day before we left Bloomington we decided to go to chi town!!! Jer, Me, Korbin and Carla all went and had a great day!!!

Saks!!! like on F-R-E-I-N-D-S!!!!

My umbrella broke!

Its been a while so here is a lot of pic to catch up!

SO..... sorry for being so lazy and not putting any posts up... So here is a LOT of information of what has been happening in our lives! We moved to IL as you saw but jeremy hated it so we moved back a month later! We lived at my moms for a couple of weeks till we could figure out what we were going to do.... so now we are living in orem in a tiny one bed room apt but it totally works cause rent is so cheep! We are hoping to buy a duplex in sep or oct! and thats about it!!!!
Korbin is getting big and growing up so good! he is so cute and running everywhere and getting into everything! He is alot harder to keep up with but it is a BLAST!!!
So here are some pic showing how big he is!

It goes from recent to oldest! GO ME I KNOW!!!

my tennis player
We went to my uncle burks and played tennis in his back yard! it was awesome!

Grandma and korbin looking at the horse in her back yard...

Taking our afternoon nap!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Such a good walker!

OH MY GOSH!!!! I so dont know why it is so fast!!! LOL

Ha ha so i tried to make it slow motion or just normal i mean and it sure didnt work... i think it recorded that way! WOW i know but at least you can kinda see how good he walks even though it is so fast!


On Sundays we usually always go to the Park and hang out and the boys play basketball! So i put korbin in his basketball little cute outfit and he liked to watch them!!!

We were all watching!

Such a boy!!!

So Korbin is such a little boy it is funny! He is walking now and that brings BOO BOO'S!! and finding gross things!

Such and Innocent Face!!!

But this was just in his mouth!!! GROSS!!! its legs were still moving when he spit it out!
I saw him going for something dark on the floor so i ran over there right when he started putting it in his mouth and when i got to him he spit it out and this is what i saw and the floor! I totally FREAKED OUT!!! bugs don't bug me until they are in my little boys mouth! SICK!!!
He was walking down the hall and lost his balance cause it was nap time and he hit his head on the Door henge!!! SO SAD!

And this one was when he had a hair spray bottle cap in his mouth and he was playing in the cubbord that he loves and he fell out face first and it smashed his lip and gave him a fat lip and a bloody tooth and lip!!! SO sad... he is a strong boy though so he forgot about it pretty fast!