Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Jeremy on Fathers Day!!!

To my AMAZING husband Jeremy who I love and adore so much this is for you to show you how much you mean to Korbin and to me!

You are Korbins best friend and he already wants to be just like you! Here are some pictures to prove it!

Thank you for loving, taking care of, protecting, raising, and making Korbin so cute!!! :)

First time with Daddy!

Fist time home with daddy!

First time with my Family!

One of many naps with Daddy!

Fun times at the mall with Daddy!

Keeping warm with Daddy!

Blessing Day with Mommy and Daddy!

Always having fun together!

Dad can always make me laugh!

He even lets me get messy and eat gross looking things!!! ;)

Going on walks!

Picking oranges!

Holding me in the shade while I eat! No one knows why he was standing like that!

More nap times! I sleep best next to my dad cause that is where I am safe!

I love watching Dad play halo!!!

Fun painting pumpkins!

Dad helps me be the best at everything!!!

I love to visit daddy at work when he cant see me in my cute costumes!!! :)

I want to be just like my dad! I even wear his glasses already!

I do the same things and have the same hair!

I will always walk in your foot steps dad cause you are my HERO!

He always does what makes me happy!

I always want to be with him so I run to him when I can!


I can always lean on him!

I can laugh over nothing with him!

I just wanna be close to him!

We like the same games!
I want to be just as strong as him!

And I think I am!

My Daddy always makes me smile!

I trust him with my life!

He always takes the best care of me!

He lets me hang out with him even when he is working!

I will always give my daddy kisses!
Daddy and I will be best friend FOREVER!!!