Sunday, July 18, 2010


We went to Vegas for a couple of days just to get away! We stayed at Circus Circus which is a perfect place to go if you have kids cause there are alot of kid things to do in that hotel! The first day we chilled.... went to the pool, ate alot, and played carnival games! jer was determined to get korbin a prize so we ended up spending like $30.00 and all we ended up winning was a tiny little fish!!! haha oh well he loves it and it was fun! The next day we went to the pool again, met up with susan and chris and ate, then went to a show for korbin where a guy trained cats and dogs that he rescued from the animal shelter. Pretty cool for korbin! then went and watched the water show, then went to find a cng station to fill up our car before we left in the morning!
Now here is the adventure story of ours! We ended up breaking down at a gas station after driving around for like an hour just trying to find a public cng station we went to get water. We had some guy named zoltan jump our car and we made it back to the hotel by 2am! Korbin was actually being ok but then he woke up in the middle of the night and wouldnt go to back to sleep for like an hour, then some random dude knocked on our door at 8am and he was at the wrong door, then house keeping knocked on the door an hour later but werent there when we opened the door... SO LAME!!!
So that was our night of bad things happening!
Then when we got up jer went to see if the car started and was going to work while korbin and i got ready and packed and it was working fine so we were headed home. Then about 30 miles to mesquite our car just stopped working again! The gages were going all crazy then the car just stopped so we pulled over and jer figured that it was the alternator so we called a mechanic to come out and fix it... It took him 2.5 hours to get there so in the mean time Me, Jer and Korbin were sitting in the car with the windows down and doors open in 115 degree weather just waiting! We took off korbins cloths to keep him cool and drank alot of water! The only people that stopped for us were two Hispanic guys and a police officer! I thought that was kinda sad! But goes to show all the raciest people out there that Hispanic people are nicer than white people! haha anyways It ended up being the alternator and we were on our way and made it home that night! It was NOT fun and MISERABLE but just another one of those things that brings us closer together! Jer was so nice! He didnt drink much water cause he wanted to make sure korbin and i had enough! and he stood out side so korbin and i could be in the shade till we figured something out where he sat in the back! He is so nice and respectful! So that was a big thing for me that made me think that this could be alot worse and could be alot harder! I have a wonderful husband and a wonderful child who was awesome the whole time by the way! His face was bright read so sad but he was drinking water and doing fine!
Anyways im grateful we made it out of there safely and thats someone could come and help us! Blessings came out way even though i could look at it like they didnt! They did for sure!
Sorry so long but it is worth me remembering stuff like this!
I am so grateful for my husband who is trying and succeeding to be a wonderful husband and he is just amazing! Things do get hard and arent perfect but its really amazing how when we both try to do things for each other to make one another happy how happy we are as a couple! I love life right now and couldnt ask for anything more! well except to be rich but we will get there one day! :)

This is off of the movie BIG!!! (I wish a was big)
(be careful what you wish for!!!)

Jer thought this bike was awesome. and it was

jumping in the pool!

It was so hot and bright!

cute boys!!!

he was shooting me!!! boom boom he says!

watchin a show!

He was so tired he fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep while we ate at the buffet!

Finally fell asleep on the way home!!! I just think he is so perfect!

A fun couple of days!

We went to the Beam Museum with Britt, Lexey, P, Me, Jer and Korbin! It was alot of fun and the kids had fun running around! ok so it wasnt that much fun but its just fun to do something different! :)

Korbin was scared of the lion... he didnt wanna take a pic. with it cause it was scary!

Best friends holding hands!

So cute!

Lexey is taller than korbin but not that much she was on her tip toes!!!

Waiting for our car to get detailed!

How cute is this hat! Its mine that is way too small so its now korbins!

Yes people jer's glasses are for real! hahahahahahaha so funny!