Thursday, December 18, 2008

First time with Santa!!!

This was kinda fun! We all went to the mall and Korbin met Santa for the first time!!! all he wanted to do was pull his beard but it was the cutest thing EVER!!!!

Gracie and Aiden just wanted to look at Santa. and Grady just wanted to look at him Momma!!! ha ha such a cute little mommas boy!!!
WOW go gav!!!
lol!!! he's such a doll!!!

We wanted him to go out side and look at the snow but jer didn't want to get a blanket so we just bundled him up in his coat!!! lol!


Mitch said...

miss you guys mmmmmkay?

Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ said...

How cute! I love the pic with Korbin in Jeremy's coat :-)

Shea Nicole said...

Awww... you guys are so cute! Just wanted to drop by and see how you're all doing. How's utah? It seems like it's cold here, in California, but our low for the day has been higher than your high for the day since like november. lol. Not to rub it in. hehe. We miss you guys and hope that you're all doing well! Hugs!