Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Korbin trying to walk

Here are just a couple of pic showing that korbin is kinda trying to walk!!! he started crawling at 8 months and moving around alot like walking around the couches and all that i think like 9 1/2 i think... but yeah not i think here maybe in like a month he will start to walk... It is ALOT of fun being a mom to this little guy he is so PERFECT!!!

This is just jeremy messing around trying to look like he is being mean to Korbin!!! Korbin was just like whats going on!!! ha ha


The Christiansen's said...

That is crazy! he looks to small to try and start walking!

Brittany said... do look like a mountain man!!!

Mitch said...

haha that is so cute!! that last comment i guess is from mitch cause i didnt write it!

Mitch said...

oh my ..... haha now we were on eack others!!! ah that is so freaking annoying! sorry! but this really is Brittany!!!

I cant believe he is so close! Lex wont even move her legs she is so stiff!

Katie and Derek Miller said...

ha he's such a peanut! i love him i wish you'd come play with us today its so pretty outside i'm going to have a picknic with ry and hopefully get a little sun on this pastey fat face of mine!