Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My funny boys

I love my husband and son SO much i cant describe just how much in words!!! They are so fun together Korbin loves Jeremy so much... When Jer walks in a room Korbin just gets so happy and smiley!!! I love it!
Korbin is all over the place... he is finally crawling normal instead of army crawling and he pulls himself up and walks all around the couches and the fire place and coffee table and the gate by the stairs! Saying that you prob know that he falls and hits his head alot. We are trying to make it so he is tough so we wait to go and pick him up which is SO hard for me but it is worth it in the long run.. he doesn't cry as much as he used to!!!
So we have a fun and busy life chasing Korbin around so he doesn't get into everything... for example i was taking a shower and i though Jer put Korbin in his jumper cause i could hear him in the bathroom... But nope he sure wasn't in his jumper! Jer walked in and was like oh no laur look!!! Korbin was standing next to the toilet and he was so happy cause he always try's to get to the toilet but we obviously don't let him near it.... So yeah we have alot of fun.
Also Korbin's two bottom teeth finally broke through!!! Yay he was so sad before cause it was hurting him but he seems alot happier! The only problem with that is that i am still breast feeding. . . yeah when he decides to bite down while he is eating it is really not that much fun for me! IT HURTS SO BAD!!! ha ha so i am trying to ween him off of it slowly. I tried the hard way to just stop cold turkey and that was a bad idea!!! ouch!
Wow sorry this is so long i just have updated my blog for a while so here ya go thats some of the stuff going on in our fun lifes! K bye


Katie and Derek Miller said...

ha i love that you're winging korbin...thats why i love you! i had a hard time weening ry too, my boobs were nice and huge but man they hurt. i didn't get her weened until she had top and bottom teeth...yeah there were a couple good bites! i love korbin he's so cute! we love you guys!

Katie and Derek Miller said...

i just realized i said love way too much in the first comment i left...i'm a loser!