Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Friends!!! Korbin loves his cousins!!!

Korbin, Aiden and Grady always have so much fun together.... Aiden is so protective over Korbin and Grady wants to always play fight with him like Aiden does to Grady!!! so its like a circle... its really funny.
The reason why they are all taking a bath is because my friend Katie gave Aiden and Grady a hair cut and they were all itchy and crying so they got in the tub and Korbin loves tubs so he crawled so fast so i just let him get in with them... They had so much fun together!!! Cute boys!

AAAHHH i will get you Korbin!!!
The reason why Gradys lips are so red is because he got a red sucker for being such a good boy for getting his hair cut!
How cute is this pic.
This is just the boys playing in Taras game room!!! I cant believe how big they are all getting!!!