Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tell me what you think?

K you tell me what you think? Jer thinks these were Korbins first steps and i think he was falling and accidental took some steps!!! Either way it is cool i just want to see what other people think...

And also he took his first real steps today... granted it was only two from one couch to the other but it was So awesome!!! He is just too stubborn to walk when we want him too!!! looks like we have another Grady on our hands!!!

PS... sorry i look so gross.... i just woke up!

Some things Korbin does!!!

* When he sees you are eating he chomps his mouth... and you all know me i hate it when people chomp but he is so cute i would have never though i would say chomping is cute!! (he got it from Jer when Jer was eating Korbin noticed that Jer was eating with his mouth open, Korbin saw and started doing it too) SO CUTE

* He says baby... i read to him the baby animals book and he started saying it one morning!!!

* Bonks his head on walls and your head when you say bonk!!! ha ha must be a genetic thing!!! Aiden and Grady did it too!

* Dances when he hears music!

* Pokes everything with his sword i got him! It is just a foam sword and he LOVES it... he wont let it go!

*He gives me loves in the morning when he is still tired by putting his head down into my neck!!! and Kisses! The kisses it looks like he is just trying to bite me though but i am going to say it is kisses!!!

* Gets into everything obviously!!!

* He just laughs so hard all the time i love it!!!

*I will say more later cause there is just so much!!! i will start taking more videos too!

Taya Nikole Miller is finally here!!!

So Katie had her little girl 3-26 at 3:26! How cool is that!!! She is such a perfect baby just a clone of Derek! I am so happy for Katie and her little family she has everything she has ever wanted and deserved... I love you Katie and am so thankful for you and how strong you are!!!
I love my Tither!!!

Why cant i just be normal!!! gosh

12 hours after having and baby and she looks amazing!!! This pic doesn't even do her justice!
And Derek is so good to her he brought her her favorites Sour patch kids, thin mints and whatever she wanted! Good job being a good husband and father D... We love you all!

Some Way cute pics of Korbin...

Going on a walk in AZ!!!

They were trying to take eachothers bottles.. SO CUTE!

Such a handsome boy!!!

Just picking some oranges

In Arizona on some random persons mail box!

I thought it was so cute of him and is army shorts and no shirt... Isnt he just so perfect!

Cute tiny bum!

He LOVES to be naked!!! he was crawling SO fast in this pic!!!

He was standing all by himself for like 20 seconds!!!

How cute is he in his church cloths.... he looks like a little old man!

He wanted to eat the camera!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visiting Grandma at work!!!

This is the same day that i put the post up of his trying to walk.... now i just have a video too!!!

He loves being on shoulders!!!

HA HA silly daddy!!!

I just thought this was cute!!!

Dont worrie he was holding him by his chest and he is laughing not crying please dont call Social Services on us!!! ha ha

Best Friends!!! Korbin loves his cousins!!!

Korbin, Aiden and Grady always have so much fun together.... Aiden is so protective over Korbin and Grady wants to always play fight with him like Aiden does to Grady!!! so its like a circle... its really funny.
The reason why they are all taking a bath is because my friend Katie gave Aiden and Grady a hair cut and they were all itchy and crying so they got in the tub and Korbin loves tubs so he crawled so fast so i just let him get in with them... They had so much fun together!!! Cute boys!

AAAHHH i will get you Korbin!!!
The reason why Gradys lips are so red is because he got a red sucker for being such a good boy for getting his hair cut!
How cute is this pic.
This is just the boys playing in Taras game room!!! I cant believe how big they are all getting!!!

Korbin bein a boy!!!

These are some pic showing that Korbin likes to do everything he is not supposed to it is so funny!!!

Tryin to open the gate to fall down the stairs!!!

Tryin to attack Lexey!!!

He just wants to wrestle!!! ha ha poor thing!!!

How can you get mad at those faces!!!

Pullin all the wipes out!!! ha ha but there is that little face again.... cant help but laugh!!!