Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some Way cute pics of Korbin...

Going on a walk in AZ!!!

They were trying to take eachothers bottles.. SO CUTE!

Such a handsome boy!!!

Just picking some oranges

In Arizona on some random persons mail box!

I thought it was so cute of him and is army shorts and no shirt... Isnt he just so perfect!

Cute tiny bum!

He LOVES to be naked!!! he was crawling SO fast in this pic!!!

He was standing all by himself for like 20 seconds!!!

How cute is he in his church cloths.... he looks like a little old man!

He wanted to eat the camera!!!


Doglover said...

So he loves to be naked? Did he say that or is it an example of parenthood loving to show their naked kids to the world without caring for the kids right to privacy and dignity? Keep the naked pics private, he deserves that!